1260 Newark & District Squadron was formed in 1941 at the height of the second world war and, coincidentally, not long after the RHP factory in Newark had been bombed by the Luftwaffer. The Squadron has operated continuously since although we have had a number of different bases.

Our 70th anniversary celebration in 2011 triggered a real desire to understand more about how the squadron was  formed, our transition through the decades and, importantly, how former cadets had been influenced and helped by their time as a cadet. We also wanted to ensure that our records are properly and safely documented so that Air Cadets of the future can appreciate our history.

Having secured a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund we are undertaking a project whereby cadets have been researching our history, scanning and preserving our documents and interviewing former cadets right back to Jack Oliver who joined as a cadet at the first parade in 1941.