Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme is a voluntary, non - competitive programme of practical, cultural and adventurous activities for young people aged 14-25. The Award programme consists of three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each has differing criteria for entry and the level of achievement necessary to complete each award. If you need any further information, talk to the D of E Officer and they'll be able to help you!

If you're decided to do your D of E and need more detailed info on getting started, choosing your activities and how to complete your D of E, then again the D of E Officer is the person to ask.

Why bother doing the D of E?

Good question! 

Because, from the first day to the last, it’s a real adventure.  Every section gives you something different - that's the fun of it!  You’ll enjoy loads of new experiences, discover talents you never thought you had, challenge yourself and meet loads of people just like you.  Plus you’ll do things you love and get a kick out of.  It’s a real buzz!

Then there’s all the other stuff… 

…like the fact that achieving an Award will give you skills, confidence and a view on life that everyone is looking for, from employers to colleges and universities. 

...you're getting recognised for doing things you want to do (and may even be doing already). 

...plus you’ll make a difference to other people’s lives and your community, be fitter and healthier, make new friends and have memories to last you a lifetime.

And above all, it's a great laugh! 


The Different Levels of the D of E 

There are three levels of programme you can do which, when you've successfully completed lead to a Bronze, Silver or GoldDuke of Edinburgh’s Award.  The main differences between them are the minimum length of time it takes to complete them, how challenging it is and the minimum age you can start.